Gradison Design Build

Design-Build or Remodeling

A dream team from start to finish

Whether you’re involved in design-build of a new home or a remodeling project, your Gradison team works with you at the earliest “dream” stage so we can facilitate a design and budget that goes hand in hand with your expectations. Then as we proceed through the building stage, we’re managing a project everyone has a stake in.

Client Introduction

Here’s where you get all your dreams out on the table. Budget’s not important yet—we just want to hear your vision for your home and how you want it to work. Get all your hopes and fears out! We’ll walk it out with you in a positive, well organized process you can share in as much or little as you want.

Early Planning Stage

After we gather your initial information, you’ll either have us draft some initial designs and concepts, or give us some concepts you’ve collected. We’ll talk about how your home will function and a host of other aspects to guide our journey. We’ll also begin working on your total budget.

Land Acquisition

If you’re building a home from scratch, we help you locate and secure a lot, select a lot from our inventory, or build on a lot you’ve already purchased. We’ll also discuss the most advantageous positioning of your home on the lot.

Design Development + Documentation

We draw up a final design and full specs—including specific dimensions and materials—using all your input and info. Once we develop the design, our designer works with you to make your selections and create a full palette for each room—colors, trim, accents, floor coverings, fixtures.

Building the Team

We put together a rough construction schedule and a managed team of professional tradesmen and women responsible for all the different facets, from getting the ground ready to crafting the finest interior detail. You’ll be elbow to elbow familiar with the whole team throughout the project.


With our “guide book” intact, we take charge of building or remodeling your home, using the best construction practices. You may come up with some changes you’d like us to make. We’ll talk about these and offer clear explanations as to whether these changes affect pricing or delivery date.

Project Completion + Follow-up

We pride ourselves in finishing our projects on the day we commit to early in the process. Our clients have been universally thrilled on the big day. Our follow-up is specifically written into the contract so you know you have a builder who’ll be in business and on call to handle any issues that might come up.